The Gimme Stick™ for measuring a gimme putt in golf. Gimmie Stick™ or Gimmistick are also mispelled versions of the Gimme Stick.


The Gimme Stick™

"Patent Pending"

Finally a standardized solution for the obsolete practice of
“inside the leather”.

Did you know...

  • 94% of all golfers give gimmes
  • More than 9 out of 10 golfers play with people who give themselves short putts
  • 9 out of 10 golfers think a measurable standard for gimme putts would decrease social awkwardness and increase enjoyment of the game
  • 7 out of 10 golfers agree that excessive length gimme putts is the most common form of cheating in golf

  • Enjoy the game of golf more when playing with family and friends- level the playing field. The Gimme Stick ™ is perfect for any golf event as a fund raising item, or your personal round of golf.

    Become a better golfer!

    The Gimme Stick™ is a low cost, research-based product that creates a standard for gimme putts that will improve your next golf event and as a practice tool will help players lower their scores. Its objectives are:

  • To increase enjoyment by reducing the social awkwardness that exists regarding when to concede a putt
  • To protect handicap integrity by discouraging excessive length gimme putts
  • To improve fairness in non-sanctioned golf events by establishing one standard for all competing groups to adhere to
  • To improve putting speed, three-putt avoidance, and lower scores on the course by providing a practice green game that will encourage a focus on speed
  • To improve pace of play at events by an average of 90 minutes

  • Get YOUR NAME on the golf course! Every time a golfer uses the Gimme Stick™ to putt, your logo will be there. Choose from 3 different formats depending on your event and customize your Gimme Stick™. Simply send us your artwork and we will handle the printing. The Gimme Stick™ is the perfect giveaway for your next charity, corporate, alumni or other event.


    Gimme Stick for Putt


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