The Gimme Stick™ for measuring a gimme putt in golf. Gimmie Stick or Gimmistick are also mispelled versions of the Gimme Stick™.


The Gimme Stick™ Practice Green Game

"Patent Pending"

The Gimme Stick™ is the perfect golf green putting practice tool on the market, and now you can use it on the putting green in a game format that will help improve your golf ball putting speed.

  • Here's how to play The Gimme Stick™ practice green game:

  • Rules for the Golf Putting Practice Green Game

    The game proceeds with one to four players putting from one practice green marker, normally numbered 1, to a subsequent practice green marker, normally numbered 2, and continuing in this normal sequence until all practice green markers have been putted to. The players may elect to complete more than one round to these markers and may elect to determine their own sequence around the putting green. Points are awarded based on the proximity of each player’s first putt to the intended practice green marker. The closer the ball comes to rest to the intended hole the higher the point value, indicated by the numbered flag, awarded to the player for that stroke. If the ball is touching or is to the right of a flag on the Gimme Stick™, the number on that flag is the player’s score for that hole pending the outcome of the second putt.

    All gimme putts need to be holed to consolidate the score earned by the first putt. If any player three putts on a hole, regardless of where the first putt comes to rest, he does not score a point value for the hole and a zero score is entered for the hole. If a player does not get inside The Gimme Stick™ with his first putt, he can still earn one point for the hole by holing his second putt. Any first putt that is holed earns a score of 25 points. Cumulative point totals are kept as the players proceed around the practice green and the player with the highest accumulated point total wins.

    Prescribed games: Use your club’s scorecard and play 9, 18, 27, or 36 holes. Play a 72-hole tournament involving multiple groups with a cut line after 36 holes for the putters with the best cumulative point totals.

    Play first one to 100 points.



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