The Gimme Stick™ for measuring a gimme putt in golf. Gimmie Stick or Gimmistick are also mispelled versions of the Gimme Stick™.


The Gimme Stick™ Putting Practice Tool

The Gimme Stick™ is the PERFECT putting practice tool on the market today.

Recent research shows that the “perfect” putting speed will carry your golf ball approximately the length of The Gimme Stick™ if it passes the hole. By implementing The Gimme Stick™ as your everyday practice putting device, you can develop the perfect putting speed to improve three putt avoidance and lower your scores. If you're tired of getting double or triple bogies because your putting speed is off, The Gimme Stick™ can help improve your game almost immediately.

As an added benefit, using more than one gimme stick on the practice green gives you the flexibility of practicing your putting stroke. Whether you are practicing the slightly inside back and down the line follow through recommended for long putts or the more common straight back to straight through path used for short putts, The Gimme Stick™ can be adjusted to accommodate these positions.

No more lugging heavy or clunky putting devises to the putting green, The Gimme Stick™ is lightweight and extremely portable. It's the perfect golf putting aid!

Use The Gimme Stick™ before playing a round of golf to improve your putting speed, and help you make more putts.


This video demonstrates how The Gimme Stick™ can be used as a golf putting aid:


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