The Gimme Stick for measuring a gimme putt in golf. Gimmie Stick or Gimmistick are also mispelled versions of the Gimme Stick.


The Gimme Stick™ Formats

The Gimme Stick™ is easy to use. Whether you're walking with your buddies playing a friendly game of golf or riding in a cart participating in an event, The Gimme Stick™ is easy to carry with you. Constructed from a lightweight durable plastic material, The Gimme Stick™ is hinged for easy portability to the green each time you putt. Just attach The Gimme Stick™ to your bag using one of the matching carabiners for easy access, or in one of the zippered side pouches.

Before the start of play, determine that The Gimme Stick™ will be the standard by which all gimme’s are measured throughout the round, then relax and play your best game ever! No more frustration with unfair gimme pick-ups. The Gimme Stick™ will also speed up your game when time for getting a round played is a factor.

There are three “Gimme Game” formats to choose from:

  • Gimmes based on event type: Scramble/Captain’s Choice vs. Best Ball

  • Gimmes by net score: Triple Bogey or Higher versus Double Bogey or Lower

  • Gimmes by origin of previous shot: Shots From Off The Green vs. Subsequent Putts

  • For all three formats, the ‘Edge to Cup’ end of the Gimme Stick™ is placed against the front edge of the golf hole and extended back to the ball at rest. If any part of the ball touches the relevant gimme section, the next putt is considered good and one stroke is added to the player’s score or team’s score.

    FORMAT 1

    The Gimme Stick™ Event Based : Scramble/Captain’s Choice versus Best Ball

    This Gimme Stick™ choice is recommended for non-sanctioned golf tournaments such as club events and charity events and is a favorite among country clubs because regular players or members can reuse the stick for different event types throughout the golf season. For Scramble events, also sometimes called ‘Captain’s Choice’, where all players in a group attempt shots from the same location, the full length of the Gimme Stick™ is used, because there is a higher putt conversion probability. For ‘Best Ball’ events, where all players play their own ball to the hole, the shorter ‘Best Ball’ length is used because there is a lower putt conversion probability.

    FORMAT 2

    The Gimme Stick™ Score Based : Triple Bogey or Higher versus Double Bogey or Lower

    This Gimme Stick™ choice is recommended for both casual and event play and uses score to make the gimme determination. A putt for triple bogey or higher, three or more over par, is awarded a longer gimme distance because these scores are generally considered to be non-competitive and the gimme is considered a courtesy to the player who has not played the hole well and to other golfers on the course who may be delayed by the higher number of shots taken by this player. Conversely, putts for double bogey or lower, two over par and under, are likely to be competitive scores and should require a gimme distance closer to the hole but with some acceptable margin to be added to the twenty three inches.

    FORMAT 3

    The Gimme Stick™ Shot Origin Based: Shots From Off the Green versus Subsequent Putts

    This Gimme Stick™ format choice incorporates the view of a gimme as a reward for a good shot and offers a fun variety to any casual or event round. The basic premise is that a shot from off the green should be awarded a marginally longer gimme distance than a shot originating from on the green because they are more difficult to hit close to the hole. This Gimme Game recognizes a ‘wow’ factor for gimme determination and can also be used in casual or event play.

    The Gimme Stick™ can be imprinted with your company logo. It makes a great golf tournament golfer gift!


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